Things you never thought you’d have to say out loud…But then again…it is 2020.

Sammy Stone
June 24, 2020

This year has been WEIRD to say the least. I mean I don’t need to tell you that, do I? I guess reading something like this shouldn’t surprise me, yet it did. I had to re-read it because I wasn’t sure that I was seeing it correctly.

If you enjoy library books, please read on.

No one wants to get Covid 19. (At least that I know of!) People are going to great and creative measures to avoid getting the virus. There’s a library in Michigan that had to issue a public warning due to these great and creative measures. Are you ready for it?

The public warning was this: STOP MICROWAVING BOOKS.

Yes, you read that correctly. Stop microwaving books. A burnt book was returned to the Kent District Library after being damaged in a microwave. The library put out the message that the library books have metal in the security radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which are located inside of the books and microwaving them could result in fire. ( I thought we all knew about metal and microwaves. I guess not because this is obviously an issue big enough to issue a public warning. There’s a chance that people didn’t realize there was metal in the books but still..this is bizarre.)

Michigan library officials say that people think if they put the book in the microwave, it will kill any Covid germs that may be lingering on the book. The library went on record as saying that all materials are in quarantine for 72 hours due to the plastic protectors on the books so there’s no need to take any additional sterilization steps.

I could see maybe wiping the cover down with a Lysol wipe but putting it in the microwave? That would never even cross my mind.

But then again, I don’t even own a microwave. I guess I could cook it in the oven?


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