Do you have high blood pressure? If so, this is for you!

Sammy Stone
July 28, 2020

Hypertension is BAD news all around. A lot of us have it and need to keep an eye on it. So when I read this article on line, I thought it was pretty helpful. (You can check it out at the Daily Meal if you would like to give it a full read!)

They are offering advice on how you can reduce your sodium intake and at the same time, possibly lower your blood pressure.

So what do they say to do? They recommend to eat more whole grains and incorporate potassium into every meal. So where do you start? Turns out, they have a great list of goodies on their suggestion list.

Foods rich in potassium:

Avocados (Yum!)

Tuna (Ew…no.)

Grapefruit (Yum but heartburn…)

Lima Beans (Toss those babies cold on a salad! Yummo.)

Spinach (Why not make the above salad with spinny AND get a double dose of potass!)

Now I’m hungry and it’s only breakfast time. I can have a big spinach salad for brekkie, right?)



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