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Insight Program: United Fund 10-11-2020

Aaron Mee
October 12, 2020

This week on our Insight program, brought to you by Advanced Disposal, I had the opportunity to talk with Lacey Hanson of the United Fund of Warren County.

During our discussion I was able to learn a lot about both what the United Fund is, as well as how it works and the history of this great organization in Warren County.

We talked about their 2020-2021 donation campaign as well which just kicked off on October 2nd of this year.

The United Fund donations that you make benefit the 20 member organizations that do a multitude of wonderful things in the Warren community and surrounding areas throughout the county.

The biggest takeaway I was able to get from this meeting was that the United Fund of Warren is a LOCAL organization!! It’s similar to the United Way Foundation, but there is inherently one key distinction that readers should take note of..

The money donated to the United Fund of Warren County, STAYS in Warren County.

Lacey went into detail during our program to explain their vetting process and how they ensure that the money stays local to Warren County and it is an extensive process.

With a goal of $680,000 to reach for this campaign, we are rooting for not only the United Fund home team, but we’re rooting for allĀ  of the member organizations that benefit as well.

https://www.unitedfundwarren.org/ is the website, go on and see where you may be able to donate.

And if you’re looking for this program, or any other past Insight programs, they can be found in our Audio archive here; https://warrenradio.com/community/


By Aaron Mee

104.3 Kinzua Country, Community

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