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Cup O’ Joy – Teen Has Done An Act Of Kindness Every Day Of Pandemic

Chip Judge
July 7, 2021

An 18-year-old boy in the U.K. has spent every day of the pandemic doing a good deed. Sebbie Hall kicked things off in March 2020 with a random act of kindness by giving his iPad to a friend who didn’t have a computer so they could Zoom.

Since then, he’s walked neighbors’ pets, watered gardens, washed cars, baked cakes for nurses, made post office runs for isolating locals and so much more. In all, the teen, who has learning difficulties and a rare chromosome disorder, has completed more than 16-hundred acts of kindness. He’s also received over $38-thousand in donations, which he paid forward and gave to charities.

Sebbie’s inspiration for the project came after his mom asked him what skills he could use to raise money and he answered, “I can be kind.” “Kindness is my superpower,” he says. “I’m not stopping. I want to raise more money and make people more happy.”

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