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Community Matters; United Fund of Warren County

Aaron Mee
October 7, 2021

This week on the Community Matters program we talked with Lacey Hanson the Executive Director of the United Fund of Warren County. They have just kicked off their Torchlight Campaign this year with a new, higher goal to achieve this campaign.

We talked about some of the possible ways to donate to the campaign during the program and one of the interesting offerings available this year is to have the option to donate stock to the United Fund.

Another interesting change from last year to this year, is the introduction of Restaurant Nights. This is an opportunity for local restaurants to donate some of their proceeds of operation for that day toward the United Fund. Here is a list of those Restaurant Nights and locations!


If you would like to get more information on the United Fund of Warren County, check them out at https://www.unitedfundwarren.org/ or listen to the program Sunday morning at 8:30 on 92 Gold!

104.3 Kinzua Country, 92 Gold, Community

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