Um EW! This would be a much unwelcomed surprise.

Sammy Stone
June 20, 2022

If found this on the New York Post:

Jen Begakis claimed that she ordered a leather chair from Amazon, but then found an unsettling addition to the package when she took it out of the box.

“If I told you the leather chair I ordered from Amazon was packaged with a blood collection tube that is…full, would you believe me?” she claimed in a post to Twitter.

“Because I’m lost for – – – words.”

“I’m as terrified as I am confused,” the Ph.D. candidate wrote, adding a 24-second video of the box and vial of blood to the Tweet.

Begakis later updated followers on her blood-saga, alleging that she initially heard from Amazon but reportedly hasn’t heard from them again.

Since initially tweeting the video, Begakis’ tweet has been retweeted more than 3,500 times and topped 48,800 likes.

In the video posted online, Begakis films the cardboard box on the floor, showing bubble-wrapped chair pieces on the floor before displaying the single vial in the box, which appears to, indeed, be full of blood.

“Amazon emailed me last night and said it’s ‘expedited to top priority’ but I haven’t heard anything since. so… the vile is in the same spot from last night,” she wrote in response to another commenter.


And of course we want proof, right? Here it is:

A vial of blood was allegedly found in an Amazon delivery for a chair.




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