Warren County Commissioners help support the Warren Public Library renovation efforts

Aaron Mee
September 15, 2022

The Warren County Commissioners are providing assistance and support in the form of a $25,000.00 check to further their renovation project currently underway.

This project is set to provide a host of improvements to the library that will be beneficial in some way to all of the patrons to the library.

The $1.7 million project will provide a dynamic teen space for young adults, new ADA-compliant facilities, upgraded data network and air conditioning, new lighting, and more. The original cost projection for the Library overhaul was $1.3 million, but with the effects of COVID and supply chain issues, there have been an additional $400,000 in expenses.

This donation will be a major help to the library as Commissioner Jeff Eggleston says “The Commissioners support the county library system and public access to information, this project is essential and will be the largest upgrade to the Library’s infrastructure in decades.”

Executive Director of the Warren Public Library Kelli Knapp had this to say about it;  “We are so grateful to the Commissioners for their support, this donation will be put to good use as this renovation will positively affect everyone who walks through our doors in some way.”

Pictured is Warren County Commissioner Jeff Eggleston handing the check to Kelli Knapp, Executive Director of the Warren Public Library.


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