Warren County Commissioners support the 14th Annual Allegheny River Cleanup

Aaron Mee
September 15, 2022

The Warren County Commissioners have provided a check for $500 from their Act 13 account in support of the 14th Annual Allegheny River Cleanup to an event organizer, David Snyder. The funds will be used for event activities and equipment as the cleanup takes place from September 15th through the 17th this year.

The Allegheny River Cleanup is a yearly conservation and ecotourism opportunity for volunteers to travel across the Allegheny River in Warren County to help clean and take care of the river banks.

Since the event in 2005, nearly 5,000 volunteers have donated more than 40,000 hours and have removed almost 900 cubic yards of trash from the watershed. Pulling everything from television sets; microwave ovens; lawn chairs; refrigerators; 55-gallon drums; more than 16,900 tires and more than 152,000 pounds of recyclable metal. Countless bags have been filled with recyclable metal, glass, plastic and aluminum.

Warren County not only donates funds but also provides inmate labor for a good cause and coffee for the volunteers. The Commissioners have officially proclaimed the week of the river cleanup “Watershed Cleanup Week” in Warren County in an effort to further help the cause.

David Snyder, event organizer for the cleanup said, “Support of this project by the Warren County Commissioners and other agencies and businesses creates the opportunity for all of us to give back to the community to make it safer, more beautiful, and more sustainable to live. Thank you!”

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said, “I’ve signed up both my sons for this, and everyone in my family is excited to participate. This event isn’t just environmentally positive but also a lot of fun.”

Pictured are the Warren County Commissioners and David Snyder.


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