Oh my heart! Why are koala bears so CUTE? Thank goodness for folks like this.

Sammy Stone
January 17, 2023

He stopped to help the baby across the street! This is my kinda guy. I have been known to stop traffic to help sweet living beings get out of the way of danger. As a matter of fact, I was doing my morning show and there was a goose in peril outside of our studios and he kept wandering out into State Street. I couldn’t let anything happen to him so I went out and stopped traffic so he could cross the street. When he came back over, I did it again. People were honking and getting impatient but guess what? I didn’t care. My goal was to get him to safety. It turned out his partner had a nest close to the studio and he was apparently having a hard time finding it. We brought in help and he was reunited with his lady and the eggs.

I’ve done the same for turtles, a butterfly, a herd of deer. It just takes a little patience. Nothing is so important that you can’t spare a few minutes to save a living being from suffering.

It takes so little effort to be kind!

This is a guy after my own heart.



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